About Us

The Vision

To become a leading, authentic, competetive and reputable fashion brand on the global market.


The Mission

Creation of high quality personalized garments that leave a mark in people's lives.



Lilly Alfonso is a fashion design label that has evolved over the years to become one of the top fashion labels in Malawi. Founded in 2005 by Lilly Alfonso, Lilly Alfonso has come a long way from using her first machine on a veranda to showcasing her unique designs on international runways.

The key message associated with the Lilly Alfonso line is classy, upscale and versatility.


With 10 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Lilly Alfonso has proven that with passion, dedication and hard work one can flourish.

Working with a diverse team of creative and open-minded people, from tailors to artists, photographers to stylists, has contributed tremendously to the future of Lilly Alfonso.

We believe in bringing different talents together to accomplish one goal.

Clients and Recognition

The work done at Lilly Alfonso continues to get international attention and not to mention its popularity in the home country.

We let people express how they feel about Lilly Alfonso.

Our Commitment

Our products are rather created to meet our customer’s need. Personalization of garments ensures that a mark is left in people’s lives. We have a team that is dedicated to provide an exciting clothing collection alongside an excellent shopping experience for all our customers whether they're shopping with us online or in-store.

Looking at Lilly Alfonso is not enough; you have to wear one to fully understand it.