Customer of the Week

Manganaye Kambauwa

You cannot go without noticing this astonishing beauty. Not only does she possess beauty inside-out, she is a successful business woman. Ms Manganaye Kambauwa has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and is a CEO and Founder of 3 successful companies, Mzati Investments, Medical Procurement Services and Platinum Act Events all operating under Mzati Group. A high powered woman with a zeal and determination to succeed, , and because she believes in diversity and that as an entrepreneur you are never done, you are never finished but you have to consistently re-invent yourself and re-engineer your processes and operations of your business. These three companies operate independent of each other with Agri-Trading, Medical Supplies and Events Management and Solutions respectively. She prides herself in being innovative and continually thrives to build sustainable and working solutions not just for her company but for her clients.