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Reaching Out to Aspiring Designers

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Chisomo listening to Lilly Alfonso after receiving her gift

Xandria, Chisomo, and Lilly Alfonso posing her gift

Lilly Alfonso's 100-Year Plan Initiative seeks to enhance people's lives through training, mentoring, teaching, etc. Over the weekend, Lilly Alfonso went out with another top fashion designer, Xandria, in search of Chisomo, the young girl featured in the DW TV interview. With the aid of her mother, the designers organized a surprise visit to support and encourage young Chisomo to pursue her passions and aspirations, which can impact her future and that of her family. Simply being present for moral support can boost one's confidence and motivation.

Emotional moment as Chisomo receives her sewing machine.


Chisomo will be among the other students in the 100-Year Plan Initiative. On top of receiving a sewing machine, she will receive mentoring, take classes in fashion design, and participate in a number of trainings aimed at helping her realize her dream of being a successful fashion designer. She will also interact with and get training from other top fashion industry talents. Last year, through the 100 Year Plan, selected young aspiring fashion designers from the All Shades of Beautiful fashion show had a chance to showcase their designs on an international runway at Portugal Fashion Week SS23. This was one way to expose young designers to global fashion platforms and see how far they can go with their talent.

Video of the trip to meet up with Chisomo at her home in Lilongwe.

Chisomo posing with Lilly Alfonso, Xandria and her family in front of their home.

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