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All Shades of Beautiful Fashion Show

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Left: Lilly Alfonso, centre: Xandria, right: Ramy Waheed- General Manager at Amaryllis Hotel

On the 24th of September, Lilly Alfonso attended the much anticipated second edition of All Shades of Beautiful show as a guest of honor and she was among the Judges. The Show was held in the heart of Blantyre at the magnificent Amaryllis Hotel. It called for an excellent attendance of people of various backgrounds and interests. Lilly Alfonso was happy to see people embracing fashion and attending a fashion event.

Lilly Alfonso presenting awards to the best model, design genius runner-up and the design genius

Lilly Alfonso presented awards to the three outstanding individuals of that night - the best model Salim, the best fashion designer Christopher Charlie a self-taught designer, and runner-up designer Merriam Munthali from Bangwe, Blantyre.

Under the 100 Year Plan, we provide platforms for passionate, upcoming, and determined individuals to reach their great potential. The best model will have a chance to model for our next 100 Year Plan collection while the best designer will have a platform to have some of her designs showcased among Lilly Alfonso’s collection at my next international fashion show in October.

Xandria with her award

Lilly Alfonso personally recognizes this young lady that is using fashion to change people's lives. Xandria is the brains behind the phenomenal groundbreaking All SHADES OF BEAUTIFUL FASHION GENIUS whose second edition took place on the 24th of September, and Lilly Alfonso was proud to attend and witness her marvellous works.

Lilly Alfonso giving an award to Xandria for her outstanding work

While she could have chosen to take a different route in fashion instead, she took it in her heart to come up with a brilliant to start an event that is inclusive. Mainstream fashion excludes people with disabilities in their campaigns, fashion shows, etc. But she thought carefully to include the least thought when it comes to fashion. It takes determination, discipline, a clear vision, and a big heart to put aside personal ambitions to lift someone up and put a smile on their face. That is why Lilly Alfonso gave Xandria an award in recognition of her exceptional work and contributions to the fashion industry in Malawi.

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