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The Girl Child Needs Your Support

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

We need to support the girl child in every way possible to secure her a successful future. Let's render support within our means and in every way possible.

A few days ago, Pamela Kuwali contacted me and asked me to attend a handover ceremony of sewing machines to 100 girls at Lilongwe Girls. I did not hesitate as it is my mandate through my 100-Year Plan Initiative to support vulnerable girl child.

During my speech, I shared my life journey in front of the girls on how I followed my dreams against all odds to build an internationally recognized fashion brand. I took that moment to encourage them that they can also decide to become something big only if they believe in themselves and their gifts/talents.

I was surprised to meet one of the sewing class teachers at the school who happened to be my 100 Year Plan student of 2019 class. I was excited to see her applying what she learned from the lessons and mentorship.

Let me take this opportunity to commend Pamela Kuwali and her team for their work in impacting the community. To the girl child out there, I encourage you to discover yourself and believe in your dreams & talents/gifts against all odds.

The 100-Year Plan is about showing compassion and transferring skills and knowledge to the less privileged with the hope that they will do the same for others.

Be part of the 100-Year Plan today!

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